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AFMS Logistics Management Group, a recognized leader in small package contract negotiations has developed web-based transportation management tools specializing in small package shipment visibility, contract compliance and management reporting. Many organizations provide tools for heavy freight management but AFMS is the leader in filling this niche for small parcel shippers.

AFMS draws its insight, knowledge and information from a staff comprised of former vice presidents and senior sales and pricing managers from FedEx, UPS, DHL, the USPS and other major carriers of the industry.

With over 400 years of collective carrier management experience, AFMS has the knowledge and expertise to help companies reduce logistics costs and bring profits to the bottom line.

Carrier Contract Negotiations

As one of the nation's leading logistics consulting firms, AFMS has helped over 1000 companies of all sizes negotiate "Best-In-Class" carrier service agreements.

The AFMS proposition is unique.

We will help increase your company's profitability and financial value by decreasing the small parcel costs in your supply chain. We will also identify the shipping characteristics and practices that affect carrier pricing performance and customer satisfaction.

Our knowledge is our strength.

The AFMS team includes former Vice Presidents, Managers and Pricing Directors from UPS, FedEx and DHL, all of whom spent many years negotiating and crafting agreements on behalf of the carriers. Because we know more about your carrier's service options, technology solutions, pricing policies, and business practices than any other source, we can help negotiate better contracts and improve service levels.
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Strategic Pricing

The first step in understanding pricing is to understand the carriers' cost structures. At AFMS, our pricing analysts have worked extensively with cost models and pricing systems with the major carriers. We utilize our wide breadth of knowledge as well as our distinct insight into the pricing side of the industry to ensure that our clients maximize their contracts.

Carrier pricing can be a very complicated process. Fortunately, AFMS is well versed in the carriers' methods and has developed an approach that focuses on package characteristics and the twenty essential pricing points. In order to achieve the highest discount levels it is imperative to demonstrate to the carrier why you deserve such a rate. Whether you are negotiating for the first time or your company has a sophisticated logistics team negotiating contracts, AFMS has the know-how and insight into the complex and innovative pricing programs that will yield benefits to every company.


Contract Implementation

There shouldn't be a difference between what you agree to and what you are about to sign. In order to assure that they are one and the same, AFMS diligently reviews all aspects of the carrier contracts and inspects even the smallest of fine prints. We also assist in other areas from routing guide planning, to shipping software, to technology improvement recommendations.

At AFMS, we take pride in working the process from analysis and requirements-gathering through implementation of your carrier contract and beyond.


Invoice Auditing and Online Reporting Tools

Just as knowledge of the industry is critical to negotiating the right carrier service agreement, knowledge of your shipping activity and costs is critical to managing your supply chain.

Invoice Auditing

With our proprietary RADAR technology, AFMS can audit your electronic carrier invoices and produce reports that can be sent electronically to your carrier for review and resolution of open claims. Shipments can be audited by carrier invoice number, by service, or for accessorial charges, to validate what you are paying your carriers. Whether you require a full-scale audit of your UPS, FedEx, and DHL invoices, or a general reconciliation to ensure your accounts are charged correctly, our experienced staff can be an ideal partner.


Contract Compliance

Are you certain that the contract you signed is the contract implemented? The smallest error can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars. At AFMS, we can audit every bill to ensure all parties are receiving the correct charges.


Invoice Auditing and Online Reporting Tools

Online Reporting Tools

The AFMS RADAR solution provides web-based access to all of your shipping data, carrier invoices, and reports. Our standard reports include summaries of your shipping by service level, location, and cost center, as well breakdowns of your surcharges and address correction reports. You can also download some or all of your carrier invoice data right to your desktop.

In addition to our standard reports, AFMS offers report customization that is limited only by the data we receive. Whether you want to analyze your shipping modes, or view your third-party shipments alone, RADAR offers virtually unlimited reporting at your fingertips.


Supply Chain Consulting

With AFMS, you receive the benefits of our technology, experience, and a dedicated staff committed to making your supply chain more efficient than ever before.

By analyzing your options for warehousing, air freight, truck, rail, ground, small package, customs clearance, cargo insurance or ocean shipping, and providing cost comparisons, we focus on reducing and controlling the total door-to-door cost, both domestically and internationally.

AFMS can also assist with special supply chain projects, such as:

  • Site location studies
  • Damage reduction analysis
  • Technology optimization
  • International logistics consulting
  • European distribution
  • Seasonal and promotional surges
  • Mode optimization studies
  • Special event management

    Customs Compliance

    Avoiding penalties and shipment delays are an essential part of good supply chain management. Obtaining the right information, assigning the right classification, maintaining required records, and pricing according to Transaction Value standards are just a few of the key pieces of information that must be reviewed for compliance.

    AFMS experts can perform a complete evaluation of your import and export and NAFTA compliance. We also offer basic procedural documents that can be adapted for corporate guidelines at a competitive price.

    The president has been making efforts to encourage exports. AFMS can assist you with computing the costs of export from the US and importing into a foreign country so that you can discuss the true "landed cost" of your product with a foreign customer.


    Global Logistics Management

    AFMS stands ready to assist in the review of the total logistics costs incurred throughout the globe by our customers. Import costs via ocean container, small package or air freight, export costs via ocean, air, or small package, trucking costs, and warehouse handling fees are some of the costs we have reviewed for our clients. Moving shipments across borders requires international Customs knowledge and we can handle that as well: Harmonized classification, duty exemptions, tax exemptions, export compliance management are all part of the knowledge we can bring to the table to assist our clients in global logistics management.



    AFMS Events

    AFMS has been selected as one of the top presenters at many of the logistics industry's top conferences, such as CLM, Mailcom, NPF, Parcel Shipping Forum, DC Expo, AIMED, and NCOF. AFMS President, Mike Erickson also speaks at several Universities about logistics and supply chain operations.

    Meet AFMS at these upcoming industry events!

    Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum Antwerp 10/22/2012
    Parcel Forum 2012 Chicago 10/24/2012
    Life Sciences EFT Boston 11/8/2012
    LSCF Scottsdale 11/11/2012
    CFRI New York 11/12/2012
    SCLNA Dallas 12/3/2012
    ISM Services Phoenix 12/6/2012


    Press Room

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    AFMS is the 17th fastest growing private company in Oregon!
    (Portland Business Journal, Jun. '09)

    AFMS is one of Inc. 5000's Fastest Growing Private Companies!