According to NBC26, FedEx and UPS ship more than 34 million packages every day. All these items attract charges that range from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars. If you have a big shipment coming in through the usual carriers, here are must-know tips you can use to lower the applicable charges.
Top Surcharges Have a Great Impact on the Final Sum

In many cases, surcharges can be reduced if you make a compelling case to the shipping agent. Generally, it’s easier to negotiate on some surcharges rather than others. For example, residential and common fuel charges are unlikely to be scrapped because they are based on the distance of the shipping.

Discounts and Incentives are Better than Value-Added Services

Incentives are greatly helpful and should be used, especially when you want to make claims for incorrect dimensional weight charges. If the shipping agent insists on their value-added services, make it clear that you appreciate the kind offer but are looking for discounts on the full parcel shipping contract.

Service Refunds Make Shipping Less Risky

What really sets a shipping company apart from the competition is the refund policy. If you are going for the top brands, it helps to compare the terms. In many cases, companies that have invested heavily in protecting your shipping and reducing errors will have better refund terms.

Be Bold Enough to Negotiate

Knowing how to negotiate for cheaper or friendlier terms when shipping is a valuable skill that will serve you well. Shipping contracts will determine whether you can claim refunds or discounts for inconveniences such as incorrect dimensional weight charges or delays in package arrival.

With at least 2,760 packages being shipped every second, you want to protect your packages at the cheapest costs possible. Learning some negotiation tips will help you secure the best contracts especially if you are a regular customer or tend to move expensive merchandise.

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