UPS Anounces Ahead of FedEx for the First Time in 2 Years.
UPS and FedEx recently announced their 2017 rate increase. These annual  increases usually average around 5%, creating a significant impact on companies shipping costs.  Now it’s the time to begin the work, so that these increases can be minimized.  AFMS will do a NO CHARGE ANALYSIS of your current shipping profile, along with how these rate increases will effect you.  ​
2017 UPS Rate Increase

  • 5.4% increase in 1-5 lb. ground rates
  • Air Residential Surcharge increases 9.6%; now at $4.00
2017 FedEx Rate Increase

  • FedEx List Rates Mostly Lower Than UPS
  • FedEx Accessorial Rates Also Different, Mostly Higher
  • Express & Ground DIM Factor Now at 139

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