Effective September 13th, Canada Post will increase rates to both Domestic, USA and International parcels. Increase ranging from 2.8% (US /International) to 3.5% (Domestic parcels only). Similar to both UPS and FedEx, other increases center around big, bulky and oversize packages flooding into their network.  Surcharges for Oversize/Unpackaged items will increase from $18 to $25 (38.8%) and Out-of-Spec packages will increase from $300 to $400 (33.3%).

As a side note, any UPS International Mail Innovations or Purolator customers should expect to see increases to their bills as well. Since Canada Post makes many of the final mile deliveries for both UPS International MI and Purolator, rate hikes are typically treated as a “pass through” charge to the customer.

As always, the pricing professionals at AFMS pricing team will continue to monitor for any changes as they arise.

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