AFMS hopes you and your families, friends and Co-workers are all safe and healthy.  We all know this is a very challenging time we are all in due to the COVID-19 virus and resulting economic impact.

AFMS wanted to provide our clients and every shipper a heads up that both FedEx and UPS announced a Global Suspension of Money Back Guarantee due to COVID-19 starting 3/23/20 and 3/24/2020. 

UPS made an announcement starting 3/24/20.  See website link below for UPS announcement.

AFMS CEO, Mike Erickson, would like to share with you how AFMS can immediately help mitigate the current COVI-19 issue and reduce shipping costs.  AFMS can impact the bottom-line in as little as 30 days.  Our clients 2019 cost savings averaged 16%. Shippers like Starbucks, GE, Under Armour, Disney, Dell, Sony, J&J, Bose, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Guess, American Eagle, P&G, Dell and others.
About AFMS
Our AFMS team is a group of “former UPS and FedEx executives”. Mostly pricing and sales executives from UPS and FedEx whom help all of our clients get much better shipping rates than they could do on their own.  
Most companies do a good job in the logistics procurement arena, getting good discounts from carriers like UPS and FedEx. But they aren’t getting best in class rates especially in the hidden areas and accessorial fees costing them millions in higher charges, fees like residential charges, fuel discounts, minimum charges, extended zip code delivery charges, over max charge, dimensional charges etc.
What’s missing for most companies in this process is market benchmarking. AFMS has hired the top pricing/contract directors from UPS and FedEx. These executives were in charge of the Enterprise sales and pricing decisions for these carriers before joining AFMS.
Our pricing executives can evaluate your parcel and LTL shipping rate agreements and see what is not being priced properly based on our 2020 market rates. We have over 10,000 shippers in our database to provide the carrier inside pricing knowledge.

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