* FedEx Announces Accessorials to Increase as high as 30%
* More Services Impacted by Fuel Surcharge

​FedEx announced their General Rate Increase on Monday evening, September 16th, a month and a half earlier than last year’s announcement on November 5th, but in line with the announcement timeline 2 years ago. FedEx announced that the Ground and Home Delivery rates, as well as the Express and International rates, will increase an average of 4.9%, as it did last year. New this year the Fuel Surcharge will now be applied to Additional Handling, Signature Options, and COD shipments.
It is important to realize that these announced rate increases are only averages and the impact to your company could vary greatly. ​To determine the real impact of this rate increase to your specific business and shipments contact AFMS for a detailed rate impact analysis at 800-246-3521

AFMS FedEx 2020 Price Increase Analysis

AFMS FedEx 2019 Vs 2020 Addendum

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