United Parcel Service announced their 2023 General Rate Increase taking effect December 27, 2022. Overall, UPS Ground, Air, and international rates, will increase an average of 6.9%.

However, there will be some key changes within the accessorial, fee, and surcharge categories. Shippers with larger packages will be in for quite a sticker shock. Most notably, domestic Additional Handling will see an average increase of 16.2% and Large Package Surcharge rates will incur an average increase of 19.2%.

In addition, there will be a new Remote Area Surcharge ($12) applied to select zip codes within the US. UPS Daily Base Freight rates are even higher than last year’s increase and will mirror that of FedEx’s 6.9% for 2023. SurePost rates have not yet been posted. We will let you know as soon as they become available.

As always it is important to keep in mind these increases are only service level averages. A Company’s unique characteristics and shipping patterns will determine the true impact. Let the pros at AFMS help you sift through these changes and assist you in mitigating these cost increases to your transportation budgets. 

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