October 2022 – NASCES

Controlling Shipping Costs in a More Expensive World
How supply chain leaders can get their arms around spiraling shipping costs in a world of inflation, rising labor costs, rising fuel costs, and frequent disruptions. Many 3PLs are under intense pressure to pass their costs on to their customers. How should supply chain executives navigate this situation with both long-term business partners, and also new shippers they need to build resiliency into their operations? Where can they get the information they need to have the right conversations the right way? Listen to this interview for more.
Speaking – AFMS VP, Derek Bealby

October 2021 – ALSC

Best Practices to Reduce Shipping Costs with Major Carriers
Extreme freight rates and limited capacity are the new normal for automotive supply chains with pressure rising on logistics teams to get products delivered on time while protecting working capital and ensuring business continuity. Get the inside track on best practices to negotiate best in class shipping rates.  Learn how to integrate current benchmarking date into the carrier negotiation process along with other successful strategies to reduce your supply chain  shipping costs.
Speaking – AFMS CEO, Mike Erickson

November 2020 – WEBINAR

How to Mitigate and Reduce the Impact of 2021 UPS & FedEx Rate Increases
A lot of changes are happening today with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and TNT, and the levels of complexity surrounding today’s contracts. Gain valuable insight to negotiate better transportation pricing contracts and manage carrier contract changes. Learn how you can achieve best-in-class pricing and reduce overall shipping costs by 15-25%. You will walk away from this informative session with a new perspective on how to negotiate with the carriers.
Speaking – Mike Erickson / Dan Malech / Roy Salemi / Derek Bealby /
​Brad Mathewson / John Whittington

September 2019 – NASCES

LTL Freight Trends and what shippers should be doing to ensure they are not paying last year’s prices.
At the 2019 North American Supply Chain Executive Summit in Chicago, AFMS CEO Mike Erickson talks about LTL freight rates, and what shippers should be doing to ensure they are not paying last year’s prices.
Speaking – AFMS CEO, Mike Erickson


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