​​Many businesses feel confident in their ability to review their own parcel shipping contract when the time comes to renew their contract with their carrier. However, parcel shipping contracts can be difficult to navigate when you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking at, and you might just end up paying more for shipping than you need to.

This is where the parcel contract pricing support of AFMS comes in. AFMS offers a wide array of services including parcel contract negotiation, parcel contract auditing, and parcel contract optimization to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to take advantage of when you get parcel contract pricing support.

Know what not to sign

When you choose to work with parcel contract pricing support, you can feel secure knowing that you won’t be signing anything that could do your business financial harm. For instance, in many parcel contract negotiations, there’s a carrier GSR waiver. Your business should never sign a carrier GSR waiver.

A carrier GSR waiver, or a money-back-guarantee waiver, can mean a loss of revenue between 3-5% for your business. With parcel contract pricing support, you could obtain better incentives and discounts by keeping the Service Guarantee Policy part of your agreement.

Catch possible overcharges

In 2018 alone, there are 87 billion parcels shipped worldwide. Depending on the number of parcels your company ships, it can be difficult to spot overcharges. The good news is that, with support from parcel contract auditors, you can determine whether or not your carrier is overcharging you for your shipments.

Parcel contract auditors can not only ensure that your carrier is acting in compliance with your contract but also that there are no refunds that are in order. AFMS can audit your contract to correct discounts, identify service errors, and more.

Identify changes in the contract

It’s all too easy to overlook details and contract changes when you’re conducting your own parcel contract negotiation. Unfortunately, even the smallest of contract changes can have a domino effect. An overlooked detail can impact transit times, discounts, and service errors. Professional support during your parcel contract negotiations reduces the risk of signing off on a change that could negatively affect your business.

Interest in working with parcel pricing experts? We’ve got you covered. For more information on parcel shipping contract benchmarking and contract optimization, contact AFMS today.

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