In 2018, approximately 13 billion parcels were shipped in the United States. With shipping rates set to increase in 2021, the cost of shipping these millions of parcels is set to go up significantly for you and your business.

The FedEx and UPS General Rate Increase (GRI), may have a significant impact on the shipping industry moving forward. This is why it is important to consider employing a third party pricing expert to determine the best available shipping rates for your business. Below are the best reasons to use a third party with inside pricing knowledge to assess your pricing needs—and find you the most cost-effective solutions.

A third party pricing expert will be able to find you the best pricing opportunities for your shipping needs. Benchmarking studies can determine any possible savings opportunities, review your current shipping carrier discounts, and ascertain if your current rates are in line with other businesses with similar shipping needs. These benchmarking studies will ultimately benefit your current parcel shipping contract because they can offer informed and detailed information. These analyses also serve as data for negotiation support when you want to compare rates and consult with shipping companies to develop a new parcel shipping contract.

Experience and Expertise
Third party pricing experts must have the necessary expertise to conduct the studies mentioned above. This is why it is essential to choose a company that has experience in consulting, pricing, logistics, and expert knowledge of the shipping industry and markets. An experienced pricing expert will not only offer detailed, fact-based benchmarking studies but also negotiations support to ensure you get the best shipping rates based on in-depth analysis of shipping invoices and data.

Big Savings
The ultimate objective when consulting a third party pricing expert is to save you money. This is not only done through benchmarking, analysis, and negotiation, but through parcel contract auditing. Parcel contract auditing assesses your current costs and determines whether you are overspending, eligible for any discounts or a guaranteed service refund, or if there are any invalid/fraudulent charges on your account (to name a few). These reports are an essential part of the process, and, when coupled with parcel shipping contract benchmarking, can ensure that you get the most optimal contract available.

Shipping costs account for a large part of your business overhead, so it important that you determine whether you are receiving the best possible rates. A third party pricing expert can help with an informed analysis of your current parcel shipping contact, performing detailed benchmarking studies and audits that evaluate your current spending to determine the best possible rate. By offering negotiations support, thorough assessments, experienced and expert advice, and opportunities for potential service refunds, third party pricing experts are the answer to all of your shipping needs—improving your business, and your bottom line.

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