A large national window and blinds company hired AFMS to help review and assess their transportation network and asked to be a part of their traffic council. Our client had an annual global supply chain spend of over $200 million.

AFMS became a trusted advisor to the CFO and logistics team. The goals of the project were to lower the number of carriers and reduce the cost while keeping service levels high.

Our client used an extensive network of transportation partners, Parcel, LTL Dedicated Fleet, and Ocean Freight. One of the projects AFMS was tasked to take the lead on was a cost comparison of using a dedicated fleet of trucks and drivers versus outsourcing that piece of the network to a third party. AFMS recommended not staying with their fleet and contract out those services. That recommendation was supported with a detailed cost analysis (SWOT) involving all stakeholders, explaining the pros and cons, potential risks, and a financial impact analysis.

The decision to contract out their dedicated fleet saved our client over $10 million a year. AFMS was an active participant and advisor to our client’s traffic council and all its stakeholders for over 10 years.

Another project AFMS actively participated in was the LTL and Small parcel contract reviews. We maintained support with new carrier RFPs for our client when they became relevant. AFMS handled all the contract comparisons and pricing analysis. Our client’s logistics team leaned on AFMS for advice on many of its logistics financials. The 10-year relationship was truly a successful partnership.

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