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Connecting Main Cities in Europe to Main Cities in China

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AFMS provides an efficient and reliable shipping solution connecting Europe and Asia, focusing on seamless transportation between major cities in both regions. Our service includes comprehensive logistics solutions from rail and truck freight to customs clearance and warehousing, aiming for cost-effectiveness and reduced transit times. This offering is particularly tailored to meet the needs of businesses looking for dependable, year-round service across the Europe-Asia trade corridor.

AFMS has sales and operations offices in the Netherlands

AFMS Provides You With:

  • 1

    All year long solution

  • 2

    Reliability and predictability – Efficiency in transit time

  • 3

    Railway operation advantages

  • 4

    HUB services at both ends (Europe, China, and Russia/Kazakhstan

  • 5

    Shipment Flexibility – Containers/Pallets/Boxes

  • 6

    Price efficiency and working capital savings

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