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Every Company negotiates their shipping contracts. Their ability & success varies by company based on their own internal knowledge and ability.

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The carriers have all the advantage as they:

  • Know you have limited options
  • Hold all the cards – they know your data & know where they make the most money on your shipping
  • They know what they’re willing to give – but do you?

AFMS helps level the playing field

  • AFMS is simply an extension of your team and and extension of your knowledge
  • We are a no risk solution to information not readily available to you.
  • AFMS brings to your table – over 30 years of reviewing contracts just like yours. Knowledge
  • We bring to your table – high level experience executive and analysts that used to work on the other side of your tables.
  • AFMS simply give you the knowledge negotiated to win.

Carriers are trained to provide a cookie cutter approach to shippers that bring the best value to the carries. They should! That’s what they’re in business to do. Make money, like you!

There is more to consider than just costs. The carriers are laded with terms and conditions to protect the carrier, not the shipper.

Let AFMS take the leverage out of the carriers and put it on your side. Customize your agreement to best fit your needs, objectives and costs.

Let the AFMS team of parcel pricing experts at AFMS are sure to deliver a thorough a no-cost assessment, pricing review, and benchmark analysis to identify overcharged areas within your carriers and contracts including all accessorial add-on charges.

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Our team of parcel pricing experts will conduct an assessment of your business for prime parcel contract optimization by conducting the following services:

  • 1
    Benchmark current carrier pricing against the market
  • 2
    Mode and carrier service optimization studies
  • 3
    Package characteristics analyses
  • 4
    A global contract compliance audit
  • 5
    Detailed savings summary; Over 700 reports available

Contract Review
Parcel Contract Benchmarking

Parcel Contract Benchmarking

Parcel shipping contract benchmarking is the process of determining what improvements are called for in parcel shipping contracts and where they’re called for. Parcel shipping contract benchmarking also analyzes how other organizations achieve their performance levels and how you can use this information to improve your own organization’s shipping performance.

AFMS offers benchmarking services as a valuable way for your organization to gain perspective on the effectiveness of its performance.

When benchmarking is done right, your organization will understand where it stands in terms of parcel shipping and where it needs to go. AFMS removes the guesswork from the parcel contract negotiation process.

Parcel Contract Auditing

Every year, over $2 billion in refunds and credits go unclaimed by U.S. businesses.

Parcel contract auditing is the review of your company’s shipping bills and invoices and it’s essential for reducing your shipping costs. AFMS will analyze your invoices and shipping bills to locate any instances of overcharging or service failures that may be present in your shipping history.

In a thorough parcel contract audit, software technology is used to analyze charges and refund requests for errors or violations to service standards. Parcel contract auditing ensures that billing mistakes, delivery failures, and errors in accessorial charges are detected and recovered.

​Every shipping invoice has the potential for error. This includes shipments delivered by FedEx and UPS services. Parcel auditing ensures FedEx contract pricing optimization and UPS contract pricing optimization.

AFMS analyzes your organization’s billing documents and data for these incorrect charges to ensure that your company gets the necessary refunds.

Some of the most common reasons why carriers may issue refunds on service failures and overcharges include:

  • Non-shipments: When a parcel is entered into the carrier system and billed, but the parcel never left the shipping company.
  • Duplicate charges: When a parcel is billed more than once.
  • Late deliveries: When a parcel is delivered to its destination past the guaranteed delivery date and time.
  • Incorrect address corrections: When the carrier charges a fee for an address correction that was initially correct or wasn’t a necessary correction.
  • Incorrect rate: When the carrier doesn’t apply the correct discount stipulated in the carrier’s agreement.
  • Incorrect dimensional weight charges: When the carrier uses the wrong dimensions or applies the incorrect DIM factor.
  • Incorrect Saturday charge: When a carrier was meant to pick up a parcel on a Saturday but did not.
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